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          Cut-to-Length Lines

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          Aluminium coil Cut-to-Length Lines

          updatetime:2022-07-15 09:18:26


          Our cut to length lines are specialliy for cutting aluminium coils into sheets as per client’s requirements.

          the precision leveller runs continuously at a constant speed and pushes the material in a loop. A low inertia Feed Roll pulls the material out of the loop at high speed and stops at the exact required length, ensuring accurate cut lengths. Length accuracy of ±0.30mm and diagonal accuracy of ±0.5mm can be achieved, depending on the selection of electrical controls. These lines can cut sheets at the rate up to 60 cuts/minute and speeds up to 110mpm.



          Precision Levellers

          multi-roll precision levellers suitable for strip thicknesses as low as 0.40mm and as high as 4.5mm. Built to high precision, these levellers are designed to be adjusted "on the fly" A number of adjustable back up roll banks ensure high quality of levelling. Quick change cassette type models are also available to increase the range of strip thickness in the same line.

          Mechanical down-cut shears

          This lines offers high speed shears with a cut cycle time as low as 200 milliseconds. The clearance between blades can be adjusted very easily and precisely with pre-callibrated single handwheel setting. The over-crank design of shears enable stacking of sheets right under the shear for damage-free handling of cut-sheets in the stacker.

          Stacking Systems

          combination air-drop type stackers are designed to stack the cutted sheets which prevent damaging surface of sheets


          Applicable specification:

          Alloy: AA1100/1060/1050/1070/8011/3003/3105/3004/5xxx

          Thickness: 0.4mm - 4.5mm

          Width: 1000 - 1560mm

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