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          Casting Coil

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          Aluminium continous Casting coils

          updatetime:2022-07-15 08:22:04

          Brief introduction:

          we are equipped with 5 world classaluminium coil continous casting machines, all are vertical type imported from france.with high speed, smooth surface, strct filting system, the machine can produce about 150mts each day.


          Production specification:


          Typical Alloy












          5mm - 12mm


          Max.1850 mm


          Process of production:

          Using molten primary aluminium, or by melting ingots and/or diverse scrap in the smelting furnace, the molten metal passes into a continuous casting machine where metal solidification and hot-rolling operations are combined.
          The coils obtained in this way are then cold-rolled, following a number of intermediate annealing treatments.
          furnaces and auxiliary equipment such molten aluminium filting system, degassing system used in the production process, during both smelting and treatment.


          General Application:

          Aluminium products can be seen in Almost all aspect in our life . casting coils is semi-products, which will be rolled into different thickness through aluminium cold rolling mills as per cliens demands.

          The coils which have been rerolled in cold rolling mill will be thinner and thinner, thickness can be min. 0.1mm  up to 4mm, then, the coils will be slitted into different width, or cutted into different width and length as per requirements for final application.

          Or, the coils will be coated into different color for constrction, ceiling, shutter, composite panels etc.or used for cable,

          Finstock, etc.

          Thinner coils can also be rerolled into more thinner to foils after rerolling in foil mills, thickness can be 0.005 up to 0.009mm, can be costed or non-coated, punched or non punched, for different application, soft wrapping, food containers, etc.


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