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          Ganzhou aluminium co., Ltd, previously called ganzhou aluminium factory whose main products is aluminium extrusions and profiles, in 2010,after organation and technical innovation, ,it developped into large size Aluminium Flat rolling manufacturer, mainly producr Aluminium flat rolling coils and sheets.

          Ganzhou aluminium covers total area of about 300,800 square meters and Aluminium rolling and casting workshop covers an area of about 87000 square meters nad over 300 empolyees, about 60% are engineers. with mordern gargen- like company, our empolyees are working hard to produce more and quality products for our clients .

          Ganzhou aluminium is one of key projects of jiangxi province and ganzhou city. Awarded national high-tech enterprises, with many patents and software copyright. As well as cooperation with large professional enterprise ,colleges and universities, we own many experienced aluminum processing technology.

          Digital automatic acquisition ,anaysis and management system are widely used in our production lines, PLC system and sensors for data acquisition are connected to each our main production lines such as the melting furnace, cast rolling machine, cold rolling mill, grinding machine, rewinding machine, tension levelling lines,slitting lines ,cut to length lines , all production data can be got on line and anaysized ,corrected synchronization,with all these modern management, All products quality delivered to clinets can be fully guranteed With years of rolling industry .we are able to produce high quality aluminium and aluminium ally flat rolling coils and sheets which can be rerolled into differentsize rolls ,so our products are widly used in decoration, prepainting, construction, packaging,industry.

          Main application is for foilstock, finstock, prepanting. Electronics,construction, process,electrowinning of zinc industry,etc.

          company pays attention to corporate culture, providing regular vocational training and various recreational activities to staff, cadres as well as technical workers. Each year we organize various team-building activities, such as skill competition, quiz show, fun spots meeting and team development games. The company also possesses basketball courts, tennis courts, and other places for entertainment and fitness activities.

          The core value of the company is‘win to win’. We are committed to providing high-quality products and first-class services to customers.

           In order to enhance our sales teams, we sepcially set up a sepcial exporting company: Ganzhou H. T aluminium Im & Ex Co.ltd,who are responsible for importation of raw material and exporting of our coils and sheets.up to now, our products are widely sold to korea, singapore, malaysia, newaland, holland, dubai, vietnam, thailand, etc.

          All rights reserved Ganzhou aluminium co., LTD. Technical support :Create Software Group Co.,Ltd.

          Add:No.1 shiziyan Avenue, Ganzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone, Ganxian District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.


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